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Erosion Control

Hydro Seeding and Hydro-Mulching


A process of planting  using a slurry of seed and/or mulch that contain fertilizer and green dye. The slurry is sprayed over prepared ground.


















Grass Seeding


Top quality grass seed is spread over location to germinate and is maintained during growth process.


















Straw Matting


Straw blankets laid out on location sites with slopes or that are low flow areas as a means of temporary controling erosion. Also used to hold soil and seed in place.



















Straw Wattles


Tubular rolls made of straw are used on locations sites as a way to control erosion. They help keep sediment from nearby water.


















Silt Fencing


Control erosion in specific areas of the locations site. 3-foot mesh fabric allows water to flow through while holding sediment back.  









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